Touki Bouki (Djibril Diop Mambéty, 1973)

Oh my…


I drink so much water these days.

Got damn. (wallslide)

So perf.

A couple seasons from now



I want that exact same scene where Abbie walks in and she’s like “oh hey Abbie” and then Abbie is like “No, it’s Mrs. Crane now.” Lol

The name “Mrs. Crane” is tainted now, instead Ichabod should become “Mr. Mills”.

I concur. Mr. Mills is way more fitting, being that Icky is so weakened between the thighs of his ain’t shit wife who proves, over and over, why maybe she should’ve stayed in Purgatory. Icky’s decision making skills when it comes to Katrina and Abbie are all the way effed up, while Abbie seems to think with her head.

It could be because she’s an officer, warranting her better skills in situations, but, whatev.

Gave myself a mini photoshoot to celebrate the wireless remote control I bought for my camera that came in the mail and WORKS.

My days of hoisting my camera up in front of me to snap a hi-res photo are overrrrrrrrr.