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“It’s not supposed to make sense love, passion it is what it is…“When that Jones come down it can be a motherfucker!”


Trailer: ‘Playing It Cool' - Coming soon

Directed by Justin Reardon, starring Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan, Aubrey Plaza, Anthony Mackie, Topher Grace, Luke Wilson, Philip Baker Hall, Giovanni Ribisi and Martin Starr.

This has so many cliches wrapped in it, from the dry white male who doesn’t believe in love until a girl he can’t have that’s quirky and fun and unlike anything he’s met and “belongs to someone else,” who SHE’S not happy with, shows up at a place he probably wasn’t going to be at had someone not dragged him there. Her fiancé/boyfriend looks perfect blah blah blah, and he’s like, “How is she so awesome and with this douchebag?!” So he wants to stay close to her by being friends. And they fall for each other. And his friends, mostly male with no love lives (maybe one has a love life. MAYBE) who play with his idea of love because all them believe it to be about the physical, along with one female friend in he group who has the answers and is a voice of reason who happens to be friends/co-workers with such clueless dudes. And then the dude suppresses his love for the woman until he can’t anymore (one of his friends reveals it to him and he has an EPIPHANY) and he tells her he doesn’t want her to be with the person she terribly chose to be with, and in the end, she dumbs her fiancé and the male and female fall in love.

Oh yes. You have one token dude (in this case, his boss, who you may see a little bit of, because his purpose isn’t THAT important) in the mix because, DIVERSITY!

……this looks dreadful.

Audrey Plaza… Anthony Mackie… WHY, GUYS?!

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