Black History Month / Women’s Empowerment Month / Woman Crush Wednesday: Maxine “Max” Gibson, “Batman Beyond”

Batman Beyond was one of those great shows that continued the Batman legacy without being dull or even unnecessary. One of Kids WB’s great creations that encouraged me to wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch, for it was a fave. One of those reasons resides in a supporting character: muhfuggin’ MAX GIBSON.

Best friend to Terry (the main character of the show as the new teenage Batman/Bruce Wayne’s protégée), Max was a badass chick for many reasons: she was smart as hell (computer genius, great user of common sense, smart mouth, curious beyond belief), beautiful, confident, a GREAT friend to Terry, was absolutely useful, hungry to help especially after finding out Terry’s identity, had short electric pink hair, didn’t overstep her platonic relationship with Terry and was actually friends with the girl Terry wanted, and to top it all off, she was Black AND voiced by the awesome Cree Summer (who has voiced a few of the girls on this list of mine and who deserves an honorable mention of her own!).

The awesomeness I felt seeing Max on this show, and desperately wanting to see her in every episode, was real as fuck. Whenever she appeared, I was excited, because she was the epitome of awesome. Everything she was, from her beauty to her smarts to her confidence was riveting, and I loved that she was an important part of the team, even though Bruce didn’t want her becoming “the next Robin,” to Terry’s Batman. Though that may be, I practically see her as “the next Oracle,” for her behind the scenes help via computers and hacking skills was on point.

I wish she were appreciated more, because a character like Max, you can’t just FORGET. Which is why she’ll always reside in me. Max is one of my cosplay dream creations, and rightfully so. She’s the bees knees, man.

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